Wednesday, May 12, 2010

darkroom final.

We had an artist come talk at Ringling from New York named Marina Berio who inspired my final portfolio for darkroom. She did a series of windows she found with scratches, hand prints or pretty much anything she found interesting. I then remember I had taken a photo in the shower after the steam had taken over the glass and set off to take other pictures of the same concept. I found more than just windows: glass and mirrors being included in this. I want to continue this series later on in the future when I have time or just collect photos of finding things at random.

Here are some images from the final:


I did these lithograms in the darkroom about a month or two ago but just haven't gotten around to posting them. I've never done lith before but I love the way it looks. I definitely want to use more of it in the future!  

The first image is the center of a haystack. I've gotten comments that it looks like a nest, though. The second image is fabric that I found outside on the floor. (you can see right through lith, it's pretty awesome.)

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