Wednesday, January 27, 2010

China Vannest.

I thought Interpretive Figure would only consist of drawing people nude, but my teacher gave us a portrait assignment with a random classmate about two weeks ago for Figure class. I waited until two days ago to actually do it, which is unusual for me seeing as how I actually like shooting portraits. The assignment consisted of two separate portraits. The first being we should photograph the other as how we see them. Plain and simple. The second would be to find out about the person, look beyond the cover and put it on paper in the end.

I got paired with China Vannest. I've never seen her around campus before, but I was glad I got someone who was pretty. Sounds really shallow, I know, but it's the truth! Maybe you're thinking, "If you're a good photographer, you can make anyone look good." Well. Little do you know there are even movie stars who can't get a good picture from a well known and respected photographer. Meryl Streep actually refuses to have any pictures done because she can't seem to get any good ones out.

After a few small conversations, China told me she had a collection of old photographs, likes abstract nature photography and has an obsession with jellyfish. I would've absolutely loved to shoot something with jellyfish. But, we can't exactly go in the water looking for them seeing as how they can harm you and China said she thinks it's illegal to have one as a pet. So, I figured we'd use the photographs and in corporate some flowers/plants in there as well.

To see more from this shoot, follow the flickr link on the top! :)

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