Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the subject is color.

I'm currently taking a class called The Art & Science of Color. I can't honestly say I've learned much but I do appreciate color photographs more so now. We had an assignment where we needed to find color and make it interesting. I decided to visit some places around Sarasota, put the view out of focus and take a photo.

Secondhand Serenade/White Tie Affair/Runner Runner/ Go Radio Tour @ The Social

(Find more on Flickr and my website; also watch the interview with Runner Runner at Admit One Media)

 Go Radio

Runner Runner

White Tie Affair

Secondhand Serenade

Warped Tour 2010.

I recently started collaborating with a webzine named Admit One Media. It's actually really fun and convenient for both sides. If they are able to, they will get me permission to photograph the artists and/or interview them and in turn, I get in for free. 

The way it works is that I find shows that I would like to attend and I send an email to the webzine. They try and find a tour manager of some sort and get permission on my behalf. Unfortunately, not everyone responds and I'm not always able to get into the venues I really want. Although I did get a pretty big break getting into Warped Tour. I send in a request about a month before the tour came to Orlando and I didn't receive an e-mail back until a week before the show; I had already given up on getting in. Needless to say I was pretty excited to able to photograph all the bands that would be performing. Even though it was very, very, very hot, I would definitely do it again next year!

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Every Time I Die


Pierce The Veil
Reel Big Fish
Andrew W.K


These images were back in the summer. It's been a couple of months since I've posted anything at all, actually. But here's to getting back on track and staying on it.

I've recently become close friends with this lovely young lady, Lilia Rendon. She's such a sweetheart and very pretty at that. Not too often do you come across girls with both of these qualities. I decided to take her to downtown Orlando and go on the rooftop of a parking lot to take some photographs when the sun was going down.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

tree aisle.

My friend and I are always looking for new interesting places to photograph. The problem with one when we actually find it is that it's either fenced up or the property belongs to someone and we don't ask to permission to use it. But on this particular day, we decided we were going to get up early to catch the sunrise light and use this specific area. Permission or no permission. It was worth it; waking up at 5:30am (even though we had gone to bed at 1am) and driving to the "forbidden" tree aisle.

Enjoy the photographs! (Find more on Flickr and my website)
Model: Zahira Rivera

Friday, June 11, 2010

underwater nudes.

I took these shots at the end of May and haven't gotten around to posting them here. My model/friend wanted to do some underwater nudes and she called me up when her house was empty. It was dark then so we used the one light she had in the pool. I'm pretty pleased with the results!

As always, you can find more on my flickr and my website!
Model: Nataly Gallego

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

darkroom final.

We had an artist come talk at Ringling from New York named Marina Berio who inspired my final portfolio for darkroom. She did a series of windows she found with scratches, hand prints or pretty much anything she found interesting. I then remember I had taken a photo in the shower after the steam had taken over the glass and set off to take other pictures of the same concept. I found more than just windows: glass and mirrors being included in this. I want to continue this series later on in the future when I have time or just collect photos of finding things at random.

Here are some images from the final:


I did these lithograms in the darkroom about a month or two ago but just haven't gotten around to posting them. I've never done lith before but I love the way it looks. I definitely want to use more of it in the future!  

The first image is the center of a haystack. I've gotten comments that it looks like a nest, though. The second image is fabric that I found outside on the floor. (you can see right through lith, it's pretty awesome.)

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

cathy jean.

I recently had to shoot an advertisement for class relating to my age group. Advertising and commercial shoots aren't really my area so I really had no idea what it was that I was going to shoot. I usually get excited with assignments because I already have in mind what I want to do, but my mind drew a blank with this one. Eventually, I decided to do shoes and chose Cathy Jean. Sounds pretty lame and boring but I'm fairly pleased with how they came out. Also, thank you to my wonderful leg model, Nataly Gallego.

(to clarify, these are not real cathy jean ads, not the real logo nor do I claim copyright for the product. this was merely an assignment.)

triadic scheme; part 2/2.

This is obviously the second part of the triadic project for Image & Color. Everyone had to use the same colors they had used for the first part but, they could do it any medium that they preferred.

I chose to use fabric underwater. I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and bought three opaque cloths. I figured the cloth would blend well in the water, especially with all the movement people were causing in the water.

Thanks again to my friend and model, Evy Rivera.

(I really liked this shoot and therefore edited more than required just for myself!)

You can find more of this particular shoot on my website.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

triadic scheme; part 1/2.

Triadic Color Scheme - The triadic color scheme uses three colors equally spaced around the color wheel. This scheme is popular among artists because it offers strong visual contrast while retaining balance and color richness. The triadic scheme is not as contrasting as the complementary scheme, but it looks more balanced and harmonious.

This is what I was experimenting with. The colors I used were yellow-orange, blue-green and red-violet. I used different values so it would be more pleasing to the eye. We were assigned to make a piece inspired by Sarah Morris. I originally had more squares and rectangles but, due to lack of colors I had to work with what I had and minimize my original composition. I'm overall pleased with the result.

The is the first part of a two piece project in which we have to incorporate the same colors. I plan to use fabric for the next part.

 (The piece is actually straight. The scanner manipulated it.)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

triptych tableau.

Another project; Seems to be all we do here at Ringling. But it helps us learn so I enjoy doing it. For Sequential Design we had to do a photo tableau or a triptych tableau. The first thing that came to mind was doing something underwater. People always say go with your first instinct and I'm glad I did.

First, would be the original triptych without the sea life edited in. Second, would obviously be the edited one. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback, both from my teachers and my peers, so I'm very excited about it. My model is a long family friend named Melissa Cajas. I had other models lined up but for one reason or another, it was not possible. But I'm very grateful to Melissa, so thanks a lot!

I also recently made a website for myself, so go ahead and check it out: Sherryl Lopez Photography

(the water life triptych was accepted into Best of Core 2010 at Ringling!)