Thursday, March 4, 2010


Here's yet another Figure assignment. This time the assignment was to photograph a reflection.

My first idea was to do it underwater, but I didn't receive my housing until the day before the assignment was actually due. Second idea, was to use a broken mirror. I didn't have one so I was going to buy one and break it, but luckily a friend of mine down the hall had just broken hers so I used it. I wanted the model to look broken and dark, just like the mirror, so I decided to use black around the eyes to make the model look as if they've been through hell; As a result, these turned out to be the creepiest set of photographs I've ever taken.

I decided to use a new model this time. Eventually, you get tired of seeing the same faces from the same people (not that I don't appreciate every single one of my models, but it was time for change), so I asked Lari Alejandro if she would be willing to shoot with me. Fortunately, she said yes and was a pleasure to work with. All in all, I was fairly pleased with the outcome. I do think the lighting could've been much better, but I don't think the studio would've been very fond of me bringing broken glass in there..

To see more from this shoot, follow the flickr link on the top! :)

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